Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Formulation Development

Accelerating your drug development by delivering an optimal formulation from candidate to phase 2.

We have a proven ability to resolve previously intractable formulation challenges. The combination of services found under one roof at Arcinova helps us pool our expertise to create flexible formulations and enables early engagement with our drug substance team which ensures early attack on potential formulation issues should they arise. Our extensive experience allows us to develop formulations that will reach human clinical trials quickly.

Use of the latest technologies for characterisation provides our clients with first-class data. Our multiple on-site capabilities permit us to overcome highlighted problems swiftly, so products can move on to the next stage of the drug development pathway quicker.

Clients choose us for analytical method development and validation because of our substantial investment in cutting-edge analytical technologies and track record of resolving non-routine characteristics associated with drug substances and excipients. As we are a single site service provider, engagement with on-site drug substance and drug product teams can save months of development time. Whether you require the generation of an impurity profile or the simple determination of water content, we will design a method that provides quality data.