Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Drug Substance

Tactical deployment of best in class technologies to minimise chemistry costs and move your drug substance supply off the critical path from candidate to Phase 2.

We can typically reduce your manufacturing costs by 50% from preclinical to Phase I.  Our facilities have received significant investment in new technologies and equipment to meet the increasing demand for complex small-scale drug substance manufacture. Our expertise in a wide range of synthetic organic chemistry coupled with extensive experience in flow chemistry, synthetic biology and biocatalysis can significantly save months of development time for the client. We can quickly deliver high purity drug substance and can scale up rapidly for further manufacture by integration with a highly-skilled team and cutting-edge facilities. Our experienced chemistry, analytical and drug development teams can support route selection, process development, critical process parameter (CPP) definition, experimental design (DOE) and impurity tracking / control as well as developing bespoke and innovative solutions for our customer’s technically difficult challenges.

We pride ourselves on offering clients a better deal, producing economical processes for high purity drug substances that can be rapidly scaled from grams to multi kilograms using our “one stop” development and kilo scale manufacturing facility.  We are able to support clients full drug substance needs from preclinical to commercial production phases.   

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