Stability Testing

What is it?

Stability testing of drug products is a vital step in the drug development process. It provides evidence of how a product changes over a given time period and defines the effects of different environmental factors.

How does it work?

We produce and interpret high quality analytical, microbiological and materials science-based stability data. Our drug product stability testing offerings are supported by the use of our state-of-the-art, 'walk-in', ICH compliant stability chambers and a number of smaller, reach-in, units for investigative studies. We can also evaluate the effects of light exposure on drug products through our ICH compliant photo-stability testing equipment.

Why choose Arcinova?

Clients benefit from our extensive experience in drug product stability testing. We are also responsible for the analytical testing of material within drug substance and isotopic labelling divisions. We can therefore support your drug product across the development pipeline.