Oral and IV Clinical Manufacturing

What is it?

The Drug Product team develop, manufacture, test, release and supply a wide range of clinical products.

How does it work?

We produce a variety of product types that are required for early clinical trials including liquids for oral dispensation, radiolabelled products for oral or IV human AME trials and capsules containing APIs. Our nanosuspensions can be prepared through both ball milling and high-pressure homogenisation methods to the litre scale. Arcinova’s all-in-one facility is licensed to manufacture both oral and sterile IMPs. We also record the chain of custody between the on-site packaging of products, to receipt at the clinical site.

Why choose Arcinova?

Our experienced scientists can guide clients towards the best development and manufacturing pathway for their product. We have extensive experience of delivering diverse product types and we relish new challenges. The Drug Product team also has the distinctive ability to manufacture products containing cytotoxic and radiolabelled drugs on-site, reducing the time taken to reach clinical trials.