Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Drug Product

State of the art API in a capsule manufacturing to reach the clinic quickly for earlier dosing.

We have a proven track record for accelerated product manufacture and clinical delivery. Our experienced scientists guide clients towards the most cost efficient and streamlined development and manufacturing process pathway for their product across phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials. We offer a fully integrated packaging, labelling and distribution on site. The Production team also has the distinctive ability to manufacture products containing cytotoxic and radiolabelled drugs on-site for oral and parenteral administration, working flexibly to minimise the time taken to reach clinical trials.

We can offer full GMP QC testing and QP release on-site, alongside a flexible and agile approach for clients that require technical transfer for testing. Our dedicated team of experts are always ready to provide suggestions for improvement. 

Choosing Arcinova as your single service provider can streamline timelines and enable better alignment throughout the drug development process. Whatever the stage of your drug development project, we have the skills to provide you with the quality stability data you require.

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