Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Webinars from the Arcinova team

Webinar Overview

With the price of bringing a drug to market estimated at $2.5 billion,1 avoidable cost increases caused by delays is a failing few companies are willing to swallow.

Move compound supply issues off the critical path. Insist on a close working relationship between your medicinal, process, and manufacturing chemists. Register for our webinar to learn how to ensure seamless supply and clinical success. Plan early, deliver fast.

Journal of Health Economics, Volume 47, May 2016, Pages 20-33
Webinar Presenters

Andy Baxter, PhD
Director and Discovery and Development Consultant, ProPharma Partners

Paul Quigley, PhD
Head Of Drug Substance and Isotope Labelling, Arcinova

Chris Hurley, PhD
Director of Chemistry, Charles River

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Covance Arcinova Symposium