Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova FAQs

Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova and Expands Drug Development Service Portfolio

Background on this update

It is announced today that Arcinova has been acquired by Quotient Sciences (“Quotient”), a drug development and manufacturing accelerator providing integrated programs and tailored services across the entire development pathway.

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Can you tell us more about Quotient?

Quotient supports customers with drug development and manufacturing solutions from early development through to commercial supply.  Cutting through silos across a range of drug development capabilities, Quotient helps customers save precious time and money in getting drugs to patients.

The business employs c. 950 employees located at sites in the UK (Edinburgh, Nottingham, and Reading) and the USA (Miami and Philadelphia), providing tailored services including formulation development, clinical trial manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, clinical pharmacology, data sciences and drug development consulting. These services can be accessed individually or as part of fully Integrated Programs which dramatically shorten development times in Candidate Selection, Early Development and Late Development. Quotient’s flagship delivery platform Translational Pharmaceutics® has been proven to accelerate development times by more 12 months.

Why has Quotient acquired Arcinova?

Quotient and Arcinova’s complementary service portfolios will deliver multiple synergies for the benefit of our customers – all centred on a common goal of “integration”. 

Arcinova’s considerable expertise in working with customers at the candidate selection to clinical phase across multiple disciplines was the main driver behind this acquisition. Quotient was attracted to Arcinova’s reputation for strong scientific input, with experience in areas such as process route selection and scale up for challenging drug molecules.

• Drug substance synthesis and manufacturing. The addition of this capability to Quotient’s service portfolio will enable the integration of Drug Substance, Drug Product and Clinical Testing capabilities - all under one organization with a single Project Management function. Extending the 12-month timeline savings already delivered by Quotient’s flagship platform Translational Pharmaceutics, this will cut through more silos and in doing so create additional multi-month timeline savings and simplify outsourcing programs for our customers.

Quotient’s experience accumulated from over 400 integrated development programs suggests a major reason for delays in development timelines is the late supply of drug substance from API manufacturers. In almost all cases, drug substance delivery sits on the critical path in early development with drug product manufacturing and clinical trial initiation suffering from late API supply. Arcinova’s drug substance capability enables Quotient to engage with customers at the point of Candidate Selection. By closely integrating the drug substance to drug product supply chain scheduling and hand-off points will run much more smoothly, resulting in additional multi-month timeline savings.

• Bioanalysis. Quotient is a global leader in early phase clinical trials, either as a component of integrated development programs or as standalone Phase I clinical pharmacology trials. They perform over 80 studies per year within our UK and US clinical pharmacology units and the addition of in-house bioanalysis will simplify programs for customers and speed up the provision of clinical pharmacokinetic data.

• 14C radiolabelling. Quotient is one of the top providers of human ADME studies, frequently ranking as one of the top 2 providers on clintrials.gov.  The addition of in-house radiochemistry will simplify the delivery of these complex programs for our customers – with Quotient able to dedicate a single Project Manager to integrate 14C drug substance synthesis, drug product manufacturing, clinical evaluation in healthy volunteers and data sciences and reporting.

For Arcinova customers, working on early stage drug substance manufacture, radiosynthesis or preclinical bioanalysis, it will be possible to seamlessly progress those molecules into drug product and clinical development activities with the same partner – increasing continuity, project efficiency, and saving the customer time and money.

For Quotient customers, the Arcinova acquisition will enable Quotient to engage earlier with a customer project, supporting the initial drug substance synthesis and the seamless transition of the drug molecule (and drug product) from candidate selection into clinical development.

Will there be any change in focus for Arcinova?
Our focus will remain the same. We strive to help our customers save time and money in the pharmaceutical development process and accelerate new drug molecules from candidate selection into development and through to commercial launch. All existing Arcinova services, operations and personnel will remain the same, and we will integrate into the Quotient business at a pace that does not cause disruption to any customer programs.

What does this mean for customers with on-going projects at Arcinova or Quotient?

It is very much business as usual. All key contacts for project related or business matters will remain unchanged and there will be no interruption to any on-going projects.

Will there be any changes to company names?

In the short term, Arcinova will be referred to as “Arcinova, a Quotient Sciences business” prior to becoming fully integrated over the next 12 months (precise timing to be defined).

How can I find out more about Quotient Sciences?

Further details can be found on the Quotient Sciences website (www.quotientsciences.com) However, if you would like to know more please make a request via your contacts at Arcinova and they will facilitate a direct introduction to Quotient.

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers and employees for their continued support. If you have any questions that are not covered by this memo, please feel free to contact Roger Kilburn (Managing Director) directly.

9th February 2021