Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Our work and case studies

UPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Human Insulin and Insulin Analogues

  UPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Human Insulin and Insulin Analogues Challenge: New formulations

Tags: Bioanalytical Services

Drug Product Case Study: Bringing the Manufacturing Process to Life Adapting from Terminal Sterilisation to Aseptic Manufacture


Drug Product Case Study: Accelerated Formulation


Drug Product Case Study: Intensive Manufacturing Programme


API Manufacture, Formulation Development, Capsule Product Manufacture Case Study

Challenge: Accelerate first-in-human and Phase II trials for an oral dosage form intended for treatment of CNS disorders. A fully integrated approach was required, to incl

Tags: Drug Substance Formulation Development Drug Product

Accelerated Development to Clinical Studies Rapid Manufacture - Precision Filling Case Study

Challenge: To rapidly manufacture a GMP-compliant API-in-capsule product for use in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.  The product was being investigated for trea

Tags: Drug Product

Intravenous Formulation Phase 1 Study Challenge Case Study

Challenge: To develop stable sterile formulations of a drug substance for intravenous administration in phase I clinical trials.  The drug substance, intended for the

Tags: Drug Product

Chromatographic Development & Application Case Study

Challenge: Development of a modern, single, chromatographic procedure for a marketed tablet product that would allow the resolution and quantification of four active species and e

Tags: Formulation Development Drug Product

Biochemical Assay Case Study

Challenge: Build and validate an assay to measure non-haem iron in tissues thereby supporting one of the pivotal objectives for a regulatory non-clinical safety study.

Tags: Bioanalytical Services