GMP and Non-GMP Manufacturing

Current capabilities include: 

  • 5lt GMP and non GMP process chemistry facilities with full thermal control (batch size up to 300g)
  • 20lt state of the art GMP and non GMP reactor streams housed in dedicated walk in fume cupboards with operating temperatures from –90 up to +180 Deg. Cent (multi-kg batch size).
  • Full integration of reactor streams to a dedicated server, enabling GMP monitoring of all key reaction parameters (pressure, temperature etc.) to enable real time process optimisation
  • A state of the art dedicated material storage area enabling safe storage of a range of chemical classes and segregation of quarantine and released materials
  • A range of flexible continuous manufacturing units (Flowsyn and Salamander). The equipment trains have the capacity to generate kg per day quantities of materials
  • A range of isolation and drying options, including mobile filter dryers, with isolation capabilities up to multi-kg.
  • Containment systems for handling a range of compounds (up to and including Safebridge Band 4)


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