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Date Posted: 11/09/2019
Application Close: 28/02/2020
Location: Arcinova - Alnwick

We are currently recruiting for a flow chemist to work within an expanding team at our Alnwick site. 

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Job Description

We are currently recruiting for a flow chemist to work within an expanding team at our Alnwick site.

An opportunity has arisen for a flow chemist to join the Drug Substance / Technology Development teams.  This is a full-time position, reporting to the Chief Scientific Officer.


ARCINOVA’s Drug Substance Department is focused on manufacturing multi-kilogram quantities of high value GMP and/or non-GMP drug substances and intermediates to support the pharmaceutical development pipeline.
Successful applications of process intensification and continuous manufacturing technology (‘Flow Chemistry’) at ARCINOVA over the past three years has led to the creation of a three-year technology development project ‘FlowInova’ in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. This is an exciting project that aims to combine data driven process development with process modelling to inform the design and build of a flexible, modular manufacturing unit capable of producing up to 100kg of high value products.


  • The Flow Chemist is responsible for development, implementation and optimisation of Flow Chemistry solutions to ensure the design of robust, sustainable and efficient chemical manufacturing processes.
  • The Flow Chemist will be expected to participate in the evaluation of alternative routes to our clients’ targets to identify steps for application of continuous manufacturing approaches. They will use lab based experimental data to build early stage, fit for purpose, process models and use these to guide further rounds of experimental data to support decisions on equipment selection for scale up.
  • The position reports to the project technical leader and will work closely with the wider ARCINOVA chemistry team as well as researchers at the University of Nottingham involved with the prototyping of novel reactors.
  • Critical tasks involve enabling new chemical transformations and influencing route design. The individual will support API campaigns at lab and kilolab scales from a few 100s grams to 100s of kilos.


PhD in flow chemistry or organic chemistry / Post-doctoral or industrial experience in practical applications of flow chemistry (0-5 years)

To apply please email your letter of application, CV and any relevant supporting documents to Jodie Staton.

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