Bioanalytical Services

Arcinova provides comprehensive bioanalytical services that complement drug discovery and development needs from preclinical development through to market. Our team can develop, validate and implement bioanalytical assays for small and large molecule drugs, elements, generics and biomarkers. We can also synthesise stable labelled standards. Our services can be provided either on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated service offering.

These activities are supported by a range of detector types, predominately Mass Spectrometry (single and triple quadrupole), but also including UV, FL and conductivity.

For LC-MS/MS and UPLC-MS/MS assays, we have eight triple quadrupole instruments (Thermo, Sciex and Waters), six of which are equipped with Turboflow® technology for high-speed bioanalysis. Two systems are also equipped with FAIMS (high field ion mobility spectrometry) for enhanced selectivity applications.  Our GC-MS system includes a Gerstel multi-purpose sampler for sensitive liquid and headspace analysis of small volatile molecules. 

Our laboratories and services are supported with the latest state-of the art IT solutions, including Watson™ LIMS, LabNotes™ ELN and Nugenesis™ SDMS. When combined, these systems provide enhanced speed, efficiency and data security to support your data transfer and regulatory needs.

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