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Arcinova to host 2020 EBF YSS

On September 24 and 25th, Arcinova will be one of a number of sites across Europe to host the 2020 EBF YSS. The EBF YSS is an event for young scientists to come together to discuss the future of the industry with presentations and posters highlighting new technologies, changing guidelines, and how to overcome new obstacles.

Connor Walker has been Arcinova’s EBF YSS representative on its organising committee for the past year. Working with an international team of representatives from different companies and institutes to organise the logistics, content, and agenda of the meeting. Due to the covid-19 situation, the meeting was postponed from occurring in Bologna, Italy, at the end of March with re-planning needed. Connor worked with the OC to re-organise the meeting, including designing a new agenda, testing new technologies for the meeting to happen virtually, and overcoming new obstacles with the team as a result of the new format.

In addition to this, Connor will also be presenting his own presentation at the EBF YSS “Non-standard technique in a regulated environment: what considerations come with it?”




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