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Arcinova announces major increase in turnover

The Alnwick, UK-based company – which provides both integrated end to end solutions and standalone services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies – has seen its sales increase by nearly 60 per cent from 2016 to 2017, from £5.3 million to £8.4 million. 

Arcinova provides drug substance synthesis, drug product manufacture, chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC), bioanalytical/metabolism, radiolabelled (active pharmaceutical ingredient and drug product) services and synthesis of toxic/highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It also provides consultancy services and works in partnership with companies throughout the drug development process.

The company has attributed this growth to a major increase in client numbers, from 50 in February 2016 to more than 125 over 22 countries in less than 24 months. It has also pointed to an increase in the number of clients who are tapping into a broader range of Arcinova’s specialist services, which are all delivered from a single 15,000m2 facility on a 34-acre site.

Arcinova was launched in February 2016, following the acquisition of the Covance site in Alnwick, Northumberland, UK by Arc Trinova Limited, a new company formed by Ian Shott and Paul Ryan, owners of Shott Trinova LLP. 

The Arcinova site was formerly owned by Sanofi, before being bought by Covance in 2010. Its current team is a mix of leaders drawn from the legacy Covance organisation and new recruits.

The company has almost doubled its workforce in the last two years and has recently recruited new scientists into its Bioanalysis, API and CMC teams, as well as adding to its senior leadership team.

Arcinova has benefited from decades of investment as a key research and development centre for Sanofi and Covance, allowing it to offer a unique range of complementary on-site capabilities as a CRDO.

Arcinova this month announced the award of a £1.5 million Innovate UK grant for the development of new flexible modular manufacturing technologies, a project which is set to demonstrate the operating feasibility of world first innovative continuous production tools.

The project, which will span a three-year period, will be undertaken in collaboration with a team at the University of Nottingham. 

The company has also announced a new collaboration with Cramlington, Northumberland-based Sterling Pharma Solutions, a world leading provider of small molecule API development and manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Arcinova now has access to Sterling Pharma Solutions’ scale up and pilot plant assets, which will complement the company’s existing facilities in Alnwick. 

Ian Shott, CEO of Arcinova, said: “This growth in sales is testimony to the world class science that is being delivered by our team and our ability to help companies bring life changing medicines to market more rapidly and cost effectively. 

“We are continuing to invest in our facilities, capabilities and workforce, which demonstrates our commitment to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in the UK and across the world – and we’re looking forward to seeing further growth as we move forward.” 

Paul Ryan, Finance Director of Arcinova, added: “We have built on our relationships with existing customers, attracted new clients and have witnessed more and more companies tapping into the wider range of integrated services that we offer. 

“By providing a range of integrated specialist services on one site, Arcinova can offer a more efficient, cost effective service, helping customers to streamline the research and development process.

“In addition, although our Alnwick site – and many members of our scientific team – already have a long-established reputation in the global pharmaceutical and biotech communities, the name of Arcinova has now become established in its own right as a CRDO and this is having an impact on the continued growth of the business.”

Arcinova’s senior scientific team are renowned for their world class, specialist research and development expertise and their big pharma and CRDO experience gives them extensive, broad ranging industry knowledge and insight.

Arcinova works with big pharma, specialty pharma and biotech companies across the globe, from established multinationals to emerging start-ups.

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