Coronavirus Update - 07th August 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and staff for their continued support over this period of restricted movement. 

We remain open for business as usual and have started welcoming limited numbers of visitors to site

We fully comply with all government guidance on minimising the risks of COVID-19 and have published our risk assessment here

EBF YSS event

Arcinova will be one of a number of sites across Europe to host the 2020 EBF YSS. The EBF YSS is an event for young scientists to come together to discuss the future of the industry with presentations and posters highlighting new technologies, changing guidelines, and how to overcome new obstacles. The event also includes a science café, where round table discussions are had on the theme of the event. This year’s theme focuses on “Future-proofing bioanalysis”, opening a round table to discuss ways in which bioanalysis can contribute to a more sustainable world.

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