Client Testimonials

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"Arcinova delivers solid chemistry expertise and employs caring, competent chemists who are egaer to meet today's challenging problems", US Biotech company, commenting on CMC and API Development.

"We are very impressed with the high quality work Arcinova provided in all aspects. We strongly recommend Arcinova. It has been a great pleasure to work with the Arcinova team", US Biotech, commenting on CMC [Microbiology]. 

"We are very impressed with Arcinova's high quality work. Thank you very much for the excellent results and report!”, US Biotech company, commenting on CMC.

“We have worked extensively with the Arcinova team over the last years on bioanalytical applications in support of our global clinical studies as well as basic research. For anyone in need of state-of-the-art bioanalytical solutions delivered by a competent, diligent, and dedicated team, Arcinova is an option to consider. And they’re fun to work with too”, CSO, Wilson Therapeutics AB, commenting on DMPK.

“Overall I was very satisfied by the service offered and communications throughout the project. I would have no concerns about recommending to use again for other projects”, Top 10 Global Pharma company, commenting on CMC

“Thanks for all your work in getting the IMPDs finalized! This is indeed a major milestone that is being reached today. Many thanks to all of you for an extraordinary contribution”, US Biotech company, commenting on CMC Dossiers

“The project leader was fantastic in communicating with me for the formulation work, which included working with a 5-hour time difference. I really, really enjoyed the interaction”, US Biotech company, commenting on CMC [formulation development]

“Very pleased with the delivery of this project… ensured that we were kept up to date during the process and the material was delivered within the timescale”, UK Environmental Sciences SME, commenting on API [radiosynthesis]

“…worked effectively and hard to deal with issues as they arose… to keep the project on schedule… to meet timelines for production of a high quality report….and gave high quality support to the sponsor”, UK Biotech company, commenting on a cross-functional project [CMC and DMPK]

“The project was very well managed; flexibility and communication were very good indeed”, UK multinational company, commenting on CMC

“The Alnwick team could always give us quick, kindly and professional responses during the study and it was very helpful for us”, Asia-Pac Large Pharma company, commenting on API [GMP radiosynthesis]

“It was really appreciated by the team that despite the bioanalysis task being on the critical path, timelines were met and the final decision was not delayed”, Top 10 Global Pharma company, commenting on DMPK

“The quality that comes from the team is outstanding! It’s always a pleasure working with them", Top 10 Pharma company, commenting on DMPK

“We were very pleased with the work done by the Alnwick team in this instance, who were excellent to interact with throughout. Very informative and took the time to explain everything needed”, US Biotech company commenting on CMC

“There was a wealth of relevant expertise on the team we worked with, which became of great importance to our project and which we valued greatly”, UK Biotech, commenting on a cross-functional project [DMPK and CMC]