Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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Isotope Labelling

Ensuring secure and rapid delivery of isotopically labelled (14C/SIL) materials to support your Phase I/II clinical needs. 

Our radiolabelling expertise is coupled with a collaborative approach; we can work closely with our on-site analytical and drug product teams to deliver a solution focused agile service to our customers through all stages of drug development. By choosing us for both preclinical and clinical studies we can shorten your time to clinic by avoiding reworks as we can use late stage intermediates as start points. Non-GMP for ADME/QWBA is typically 3 months delivery and GMP for hAME studies is typically 10 months. 

Our heritage in drug development and the presence of bioanalytical experts under the same roof allow us to design and deliver stable isotopic labelled internal standards with the correct properties for successful bioanalysis studies.

Our Isotope Labelling Services: