Quotient Sciences Acquires Arcinova

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COVID-19 Latest Information


1. Do you anticipate the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak will impact your ability to supply materials / services that you have been supplying us, e.g. capacity reduction, delivery delays, people and talent etc? If so, please detail the impact and timing.
At present we have not been materially affected by COVID-19, key materials have been available and we our facility remains operational. Personnel who can, are working from home. We have significantly increased regular cleaning throughout the site, installed four portable hand washing stations at the main entrance to our facility and implemented social distancing for staff working across the site.

2. Are you actively managing contingency plans linked to the current Coronavirus outbreak? If yes please provide specific details of contingency measures. 
At the top level we have formed a COVID-19 Response Team and our response is focused on three main areas:
• Reducing the risk to our people
• Reducing the risk to our ongoing operations at our facility
• Understanding and minimizing the risk to the supply of our products due to potential raw material and commodity shortages or delays

3. Are you assessing any impact of the outbreak at your suppliers for materials and services? If so, please provide details.
We have around 200 regular suppliers for materials and services. At present we are assessing those that, were they to stop supply, would seriously impact our operations. Currently we believe this number to be around 5%, these will be specifically requested to provide us with their contingency plans to continue to supply us.

4. Do you have alternate facilities you could source from?
No, however we are located in a rural environment, 35 miles (55km) from our nearest city (Newcastle). We believe that our robust business continuity planning will allow us to continue to be operational, supporting our client’s ongoing clinical requirements.

5. Are your Procurement teams aware of any product specific intelligence that would indicate current supply shortages are going to be exacerbated by the current Coronavirus outbreak?
Global travel disruptions have impacted delivery times for a small percentage of custom materials. We maintain regular dialogue with our suppliers to ensure we remain informed and can adjust our plans accordingly.

6. Would you be able to increase inventory of materials needed to support productions/services? 
Yes, we are in the process of increasing our minimum stock days of critical solvents, gases, PPE and chemicals to 28 days (4 weeks).

7. Do you anticipate  shortage of any of raw materials, reagents, packaging components, equipment, personnel, or PPE needed or logistics issues to support your production/service. If yes please provide details.
So far we have not had any supply problems and we are checking with critical suppliers for their contingency plans for supply.

8. What is your current travel and visitor policy?
We have stopped all non-essential business travel for all our staff, including our US based Business Development team. We have stopped all non-essential visitors entering the facility. Essential visitors such as delivery personnel and essential maintenance contractors who need to enter the facility are required to confirm that they have no indications that would suggest they are a possible carrier of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, they do not currently have any of the typical symptoms and have not knowingly been in recent contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed of being infected.

9. Do you comply to the latest government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19?
Yes we do - please view our certificate here