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Industry Insights… with Louise Philips

Welcome to the latest blog in our Industry Insights series, where we ask our experts to share their in-depth expertise on topics within the pharmaceutical industry. In this instalment, we asked our Business Development Associate, Louise Phillips, to share the experiences she has gained over the course of her career and how Arcinova has supported her in achieving her ambitions.

Please can you describe your career journey to your current position?

I joined Arcinova two years ago and initially started in the client services team, where I gained more experience in communicating effectively with clients. After holding the role of Client Proposal Coordinator for about 18 months, I pursued my interest in business development (BD) and transferred into Arcinova’s BD team, where I’ve worked ever since. 

In my current position, I drive sales in the UK and attend conferences - as well as online virtual events - to raise awareness of Arcinova’s offerings and learn from industry peers. Virtual events have been particularly useful through the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions surrounding it, helping myself and my team stay connected to current topics in the industry. Another element of my role is to look at BD from the inside and see where we can enhance the business to improve external outputs. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time, I would like to see myself progressing further in BD and focusing on more territories in Europe. With a better understanding of how Arcinova works as a business and the confidence to take that through and enhance operations internally and externally, I look forward to continue applying my skills to improve sales both in the UK and globally.

How has Arcinova supported you in your career development?

A major source of support offered by Arcinova was the freedom to change career paths and move from client support into BD. Thanks to the flexibility offered at Arcinova, I was able to grow in the direction that I wanted and challenge myself in a new area of the business. I have also benefitted from opportunities to attend industry events with the rest of the BD team. Though in light of the COVID-19 pandemic the way we attend industry events has changed for safety reasons, along with many other aspects of work, the support of my colleagues has been very valuable through the transition to a “new normal”.

What do you enjoy about working at Arcinova?

One aspect I particularly enjoy is the day-to-day challenges. No two days are the same, and I continually face different scenarios and communicate with different clients. Prior to the disruption caused by the pandemic, it was possible to be in a different country each month to discuss how Arcinova’s capabilities can help solve varied drug development challenges. I think what I love most about Arcinova is the people though. I like the fact that there’s respect on both sides – I can ask questions, but my colleagues will also ask me questions.

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